Parent Support

We provide a supportive, confidential space for parents to explore their experiences and their challenges both in the form of individual sessions and a support group. We teach tools to improve your capacity for effective, healthy parenting and mindfulness based techniques for stress reduction, increased well-being and self awareness because if your happiness and well-being has a very positive impact on your child. 

We provide help for parents with children in the following ways:

Insight into your child's development. A trained third party perspective can often offer valuable insight into challenges present in your family.

Assistance in understanding your child's behaviour. Is this a normal stage of development or is development "stuck?" 

Emotional and psychological education so you are better able to relate to where your child is now.

Support in finding new ways of communicating effectively with your child.

Healthy responses to challenging emotions. We work with anger and grief, and healthy ways of expressing these "difficult to digest" emotions.