Counselling & Coaching Sessions

Counselling therapy and coaching sessions are vehicles for change, growth and wellbeing for you and your family. 

The nature of the brain which remains highly plastic for much of early childhood, means that our parenting experience has a huge and lasting impact on our sense of self and our future relationships." - Miriam Silver, clinical psychologist

For many of us life brings up unexpected, often challenging experiences. In these moments, and in periods of ongoing difficulty, we need support. It can be hard to rely on our family or friends in these times, and often our relationships are the source of our pain and emotional problems.

In my life, I have found counselling therapy extremely helpful to get clear on my situation, what I want and who I am. I have found it freeing to be able to talk honestly and openly with someone, who doesn’t know me in a social, work or family context, and who is trained to help me understand and improve my relationships.

Counselling therapy for teens, children, and families is not a “fix it,” but a way of coming into increasing self awareness, wellbeing and empowerment. Competent therapy, counselling & coaching develops our resilience, self-knowledge and self-acceptance, improves our relationships and our capacity to love.

Counselling therapy & coaching can help you:

  • Communicate more effectively with colleagues and loved ones
  • Make effective and empowered decisions
  • Increase resilience to stress
  • Increase self awareness
  • Improve and strengthen relationships
  • Change unhealthy patterns
  • Develop healthier coping mechanisms
  • Get clear on what you want and need
  • Develop more capacity to respond to challenge
  • Increase your self agency- be the captain of your own ship
  • Balance your mind and mood
  • Promote positive behaviors
  • Resolve life challenges
  • Bring more joy, connection and fulfillment to daily experience


Alexandra has a great deal to offer, not the least of which is her friendly, natural, and outgoing way of caring and interacting with all kinds of people.” - Vicki Noble, author, scholar, wisdom teacher & activist



At HFHK, we hold ourselves accountable to the comprehensive and rigorous ethical standards of the British Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists.