Child Consultation

It is never too early for emotional support and sometimes it’s better (in part) coming from outside the family.

When I was 2 my parents divorced, and I saw a therapist from the age of 7, which was a source of great relief and support for me. Counselling for children, helped me at this age to begin to understand and distinguish between my feelings and those of my parents, so I wasn’t so affected by their emotional states. This greatly improved my relationship with my mother and helped me understand and accept a situation that was not in my control. It helped me let go of a great deal of guilt, as well as rage, hate and grief, and all sorts of big, terrifying feelings around my parents’ break up.

Counselling for children can be incredibly beneficial if they are having difficulties at school, relating to other children, are sad, angry or in need of some extra support. It can help them process some of the seemingly, unmanageable feelings that surface with the changes and challenges that life inevitably presents. If you are questioning whether you’re child is ok and you think your child might need a bit of extra support do call, as issues addressed early on are much more easily overcome than issues that are allowed to continue, as they can become increasingly more complicated.

Other areas include:

  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Confidence
  • Behaviour
  • Family challenges – divorce
  • Bereavement/loss
  • School problems
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Friendship issues