Relationship as Spiritual Practice:

Relationship as Spiritual Practice:

1.     Every day ask yourself: How can I be more loving? How can I be more kind?

2.     Practice listening, not listening to respond but listening.

3.     Practice not taking what your lover or partner says personally.

4.     When you feel angry come back to the body sensations: “what are you feeling right now?”

5.     Reveal your fear, rather than blaming the other. Remember courage is the ability to be intimate with fear. “I want to grow more than I want to make this point right now.”

6.     Practice being with the unknown, “I don’t know.”

7.     Practice asking yourself: “What can I learn?” and  “What is arising in me?”

8.     Notice repetitive conflicts. In any predictable, repetitive conflict each person is doing something, each is responsible. Instead of buying into one story line or another, ask yourself, “How are we co-creating this?”

9.     Take a time out before you say to your lover what you don’t want to say.

10.  Re-connect with your intention for this relationship. What is this relationship for?