Self Esteem

"Viewing self esteem as having foundational elements rather than as being one global self esteem 'pot' offers greater potential for change and wellbeing… Levels of self-esteem within different elements fluctuate quite naturally throughout life, sometimes because of major events but also according to the particular situation we are in, the attitude of key people in our lives and the task we are undertaking. These fluctuations are linked with the way in which we evaluate our self concept usually in comparison with our ideal self. Our self concept is the overall view we have of ourselves. This includes our appearance, ability, temperament, attitudes and beliefs. This overall view is heavily influenced by the way we interpret feedback from other people--the way we perceive their reactions to what we do and say--and this process begins with our earliest interactions as babies...

"By conveying genuine respect and interest in their (children's) feelings, views and dilemmas we can show them that they are valued for who they are not what they can do."

Deborah Plummer from her article: Supporting healthy self-esteem.